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JOYTOY Warhammer 40k 1: 18 Adeptus Custodes

Product information:
1. Model Name: JT 7790(9251), 7806, 7813, 7820, 7837
2. Age Range: > 6 years old
3. Certification: 3C
4. Material: Plastic
5. Plastic Type: ABS
6. Size: ~13.6cm
7. Contains all the parts in the pictures

1. With original box well protected, some coloring is artificially old, not a color problem.
2. If you find some parts missed or damaged, don't worry and just pls contact us and we can resend them to you immediately for free.

$222.60 USD $247.33

Quality assurance and notes:
1. All products are brand new.
2. Free after-sales service.
3. Due to long-distance transportation, we cannot guarantee that the original box is completely free of creases.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Péter Mihalovics
Fantastic figure

To be honest, i was skeptical about the Adeptus Custodes figures but they look much better in person then on stock photos.

Yoann Milis


Very Good

I acquired the Shield Captain.

Personally, I find the figures to be well-crafted and overall very impressive for a plastic figurine. This is not meant negatively; one just has to bear in mind that, at the end of the day, it is an action figure for adults. It's a collector's item, so it doesn't inherently need to fulfill a "function." As long as it brings happiness, I believe it's good.

In terms of appearance, it definitely looks good from both afar and up close. The paintwork is also quite good overall; I only noticed a slight color inaccuracy, but it's hardly visible. The figures articulate well, though I wish the arm could be spread sideways a bit more, which is challenging due to the shoulder armor (probably not much that can be done about that).

Suggestions for improvement for JoyToy:

It would be nice if the base/stand fit a bit better and more securely into the hole at the foot. Also, the smell could be improved a bit; the figure has a strong chemical odor fresh out of the box, and improving this would give a more premium impression. The box could also be a bit sturdier; I initially bought a Primarch and expected the box to be a bit more robust. Not a big deal, but I think some collectors would appreciate a more durable cardboard.

Lastly, the price is a bit of a concern; if this figure were priced at 30-40 euros, it would be perfectly positioned. However, this is not an issue with JoyToy but likely related to the expensive license. Comparing it to GW prices, JoyToy, in my opinion, offers a better value for money.

Overall, the figures are highly recommended for enthusiasts. For someone not a huge fan, they might be a bit too expensive, I believe. Still, I will definitely buy more and fill my desk with the Emperor's army, leading me to victory in my studies.

Lastly, to JoyToy's marketing department: You have a fantastic product. I think generating a few more teasers for new figures could undoubtedly create a small hype in the community. Keep up the good work =)