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JOYTOY WORLD published

JOYTOY WORLD published

Loy Chen |


Hi, dear friends

Thanks for your trust and support, these days our 2nd website is already opened, it’s JOYTOY WORLD, links as below:



JOYTOY is a toy brand in china and mainly sells action figures, they are original designed and pretty good quality, our company is JOYTOY’s retailer, so we build JOYTOY WORLD website to promote it’s products and sell them on line

Of Course, we’ll add more JOYTOY products in website in the future. And friends can see the discount code in JOYTOY WORLD's blog, both Reddit or Lepinboard discount code are works for JOYTOY products and bricks toys.


  1. About the KING, DECOOL, LEJI sets

We also had added a collection for bricks toys in JOYTOY WORLD, so if friends like bricks toys, you can order them directly. All process and logistics are same as YWOBB, no difference.


  1. About the Rewards points.

As one rewards points system only works for a website, so now we can’t combine them together, but we’ll also create the rewards system in JOYTOY WORLD soon, then customers can email us to transfer the rewards points in different stores run by us directly in the future. We’ll try to find more cool products in china and share to friends.

The last but not least, we’ll do more optimization for JOYTOY WORLD in the future, and hope friends can support JOYTOY WORLD as YWOBB, if your friends like action figures or JOYTOY products, just pls recommend us to them.


Wish you healthy and have a nice day.


Best Regards
Your World of Building Blocks

15th July