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JOYTOY Warhammer 40k 1: 18 Chaos Space Marines Black Legion Warband

Product information:
1. Model Name: JT 2092, 2108, 2115, 2122, 2139, 2146
2. Age Range: > 6 years old
3. Warning: can not eat
4. Certification: 3C
5. Material: Plastic
6. Plastic Type: ABS
7. Size: ~ 12.7 cm
8. Contain all parts as images

1. With original box well protected, some coloring is artificially old, not a color problem.
2. If you find some parts missed or damaged, don't worry and just pls contact us and we can resend them to you immediately for free.

$225.00 USD

Quality assurance and notes:
1. All products are brand new.
2. Free after-sales service.
3. Due to long-distance transportation, we cannot guarantee that the original box is completely free of creases.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brother Bathalorr

the painting over all was extremely well done except for 2 things the ammo belt that holds the bolt shells was painted the same color as the bolt shells & the storm bolter barrels were not drilled out (recoil/muzzle flash holes on the side were drilled out with a drill bit that was tooo large). here is why i gave it 2 stars the damn thing is soooooo top heavy it falls over constantly all the moveable/bendable joints are super loose, the waist/belt area where the skull and red crotch flap is moves independent of both the torso & legs, the 2 armor plates on the left/right hip are misaligned with each other, the extra helmet with the tusks is tooo large and doesnt fit on the neck joint or in the area where the head/helm goes you have to jam it/glue it and hope it doesnt fall out. the arms come partly out of the sockets when trying to pose them, the shoulder pads move independently of the arm & shoulder creating huge gaps where there should be none + both the shoulder pads get snagged on one of the skulls/helms that are on the trophy rack spikes. if this was a 10-20$ item i could forget about the shit assembly but nope your charging 30-450$~

Fantastic Toys!

Purchased as a birthday gift for a friend, to get him to fall in love with these wonderful action figures. The mission was a success, but, one of the two figures sent/received was the wrong one. BUT, JoyToy sent a more expensive figure in error so, not such a bad mistake!

As for the figures themselves, my friend should be doing this part, but based on the ones I already had, they. Are. Great! They feel solid, good articulations, great paints. Blows McFarlane out of the water.

Fantastic little Guy

Looks wonderful on my Shelf, and has such a nice painting that it makes the McFarlene one look pale in comparison!

My only complaint would be the very loose joints. Makes it hard for him to keep his poses.

MechaMan Fantastic
Respect to lore & quality! Classic collectibles!

We get a Chaos Lord, Chaos Terminators & Chaos Space Marines in 1/18!! All are unique, lots of varied accessories & weapons. A strong respect to the reference material as well as a strong emphasis on quality! Doesn't look 'plastic', solid painting, fine sculpt details, customizable, posabilitiy is really good considering how chunky the models are, collectible packaging boxes allowing great storage of models when need be! A proud Warband : really great presence, they suffice to themselves & also complement very well any 1/18 figurine or vehicle.

Added bonus, JoyToy World offers a great customer & aftersales service : reliable, great communication, parcel tracking numbers, quick shipment, price is lower than competition for same products, products delivered are the product ordered, fidelity points & discount codes at purchase! I will happily buy again from this seller!

Recommendation : Get yours before they are sold out!! More suited to the late teen & adult collectors

Chaos Warband

An absolute nightmare made manifest at it's finest! Every single one of these figures are incredibly and uniquely detailed, whilst retaining all the dexterity of joy toy range, and are evenly in proportion in terms of scale to their counterpart Primaris range. These guy's are well worth the price, and whilst the space marines are ornate and make up the price tag with insane details and textures that give a long desired impression of anarchy incarnate that stays with you, those chaos terminators are something else altogether more dauntingly beautiful in ways I cannot begin to express. Anyone out there who worships a chaos patron would sorely miss a chance to do something a little chaotic in their lives by not having at least one of these guy's on their shelf with their miniature collection of heretical doom-bringers side by side.